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11 Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Exciting team building events outside of work can really rouse the troops. Keeping your team enthusiastic and productive is an important part of a positive company ethos.

To better get to know each other or work better together, allow a chance to celebrate company achievements or simply let their hair down-  there can be many reasons to take a team building day out for your team. Here are some great corporate event ideas that you can use to inspire your team:

Find Something

A scavenger hunt is a fun way to entertain your guests, as well as build a stronger working dynamic.

You can set challenges onsite or offsite – send teams out to explore the building, gardens, the city or the wilderness. Have them find places or collect things, take selfies in locations and solve puzzles.

A murder mystery or crime scene investigation can be another immersive activity to do with your staff. The challenge and excitement of finding the murderer before the other team is enough to plunge a team into this strategic exercise.

Make Something

Making something as part of a competition or as part of a team can be an engaging activity and a great idea for teamwork building.

You can have teams baking or cooking, designing an art project or building something; the tallest statue or the most operational marble run. These can be great onsite activities that can showcase the innovation and skills within your team.

Learn Something

Learning something new as a group can be great for your business. A skill your team learns together can inspire conversation amongst your team.

You could bring in a professional to talk about an industry-specific topic or a teacher to teach something unrelated; Salsa, African drums or how to cook Michelin star food.

Each of these options show your team that you care about them, while it shows you different qualities that they possess. 

Do Some Good

Staging a charity auction can be an exciting way to raise money for a good cause and develop contacts within your industry.

Your delegates will love it if you can provide some fun options and iconic items to bid for, that they are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Provide Great Food

Great food can bring people together. A classy three-course dinner, a carvery or a luscious buffet can really relax people and allow them the time and space to get to know each other.

Always keep in mind the purpose of your event when you choose your food type as it can dictate the level of formality.

Turning your food into an event in itself with a BBQ, a medieval banquet or a picnic can bring a sense of occasion. That can allow you to unlock or strengthen relationships within your team.

Themed events

An amazing theme can really get your attendees on side, even before the event begins. Something different or something familiar will both go down well, it is the energy that you put in that will make or break a themed occasion.

The further you go, the further your guests will go, and a shared energy can make for a truly stunning occasion.

A theme can be anything, it can encapsulate the whole event or tie the event together neatly in the background. 

Dress your showroom up as a carnival or Shakespearean garden, a space shuttle or Hogwarts. Bring a 70s disco vibe or a 1920s prohibition night.

Try something classy such as a masquerade ball, prom night or a Pride and Prejudice styled evening.

Go wild with a pyjama party or all-out fancy-dress mode; a toga party or a pirate themed night. Whatever your style, a theme is a great way to get people talking and will ensure a memorable occasion. It can be a stellar choice for corporate team building.

Calendar Events

Like themed parties, seasonal events are expected to incorporate various things. A Christmas event would not be Christmassy without a tree with presents surrounding, reindeer ears and Santa hats bobbing about.

If you happen to be throwing an event on Valentine's Day or the St Patrick’s weekend, build it in – make a joke of it and make it part of a theme.

Keynote Speakers

A guest speaker can be a thrilling addition to corporate team building and conference events, but make sure that you judge the room and occasion when you are choosing one.

You may want the speaker to directly talk about your workplace, you may want them to speak more generally.

A speaker who can bring the right emotion to an event is key. A celebratory event may require an injection of humour, a shareholder’s event might necessitate a dash of wisdom, and a team building event might need a splash of motivation.

Whatever you are looking for; sports stars, comedians or entertainers – ensure they fit the purpose of your event.

Game Shows

A game show can be great fun for your team and can really get your event moving. Adding an compère and some related décor is enough to bring any famous television game show to life.

You can bring your own twist to Wheel of Fortune or Crystal Maze. Deal or No Deal is a popular British game show and can be inclusive of more people than a standard quiz game.

Your take on The Apprentice could add a tinge of humour to proceedings. Flick through your favourites and have your team bonding over the classic game shows.

Award Evenings

For those celebratory occasions, a company milestone or an award ceremony, you will want to bring something a little special to make your guests feel part of the achievement.

You can do this by passing on awards and trophies specific to teams within your business or by recognising certain people for impressive achievements that have supported the growth of your business.

Have someone special present the awards, use a full stage and PA system to bring a touch of class.

Finishing Touches

The little things count for memorable team building events. Giant games such as Jenga or Chess can add to a party, a fun photo booth can be a great addition to showcase the memories and the enjoyment of your event.

Bringing something different such as robots or living topiary, ice sculptures or chocolate fountains can give your event an extra talking point.  A 3D projection or stunning light display, and surround sound can add another dimension to your event.

Corporate Event Venue

At Leicester Conferences, our event planners can help you to bring the perfect team building activities to your corporate events.

We can talk through ideas and bring suggestions from our own experience of delivering a back catalogue of luxury events.

We offer ultra-modern conference facilities, using all the latest gadgetry and design features. Leicester Conferences boast a range of high-end components to fit the needs of your event.

For more information or to book now, contact our dedicated team now by email on or call us on 0116 223 1680.

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