The Benefits Of Creative Office Spaces

The Benefits Of Creative Office Spaces

Creative office spaces can have a profoundly positive impact on the way that your team works, their health and wellbeing. An investment in your team is invariably an investment in your company.

A creative office space goes against convention and studies are showing they can be conducive of a better working environment.

A creative meeting or conference space could mean stylish interior, fashionable furniture, stunning design features or elaborate themes. Any of the above can inspire your team, and here’s how:

Work Ethic and Positivity

A stylish, contemporary interior or fun feel in an office can increase the output of your staff. The atmosphere of an office environment is defined by the feel of the workspaces you regularly use.

A place with space, a place that does not stifle but heightens creativity and improves communication can naturally influence productivity. An outdoor space, a courtyard, garden area or simple space where staff can get away from their desk can bring an added positivity to an employee’s day to day.

Open spaces, towering ceilings or vast views through French windows can bring fresh perspective and air. A greater circulation of air can breathe new life into employees work hours and can boost their energy and enthusiasm. Bright colours and chic meeting areas can stimulate and inspire innovative ideas and discussion.

Consider the specific colours you use too as they each bring different associations. Green for example is considered to help in the areas of focus and efficiency.


Health and Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is essential to the operation of a business. A happy team go further, work harder and are proud of the company they work for. The smallest details are appreciated by staff and can have a surprisingly large impact on their health. A study by Well Mind [2] discovered that:

‘60 percent of employees feel more motivated and are more likely to recommend their organisation if their employer takes action to support mental wellbeing.’

A creative shared office space that is geared up for employees to thrive, with simple features or more elaborate ones can mean that staff feel less stressed. By showing that you care about their welfare you make people more engaged with their work. Inventive workspaces are known to reduce mental health issues that derive from a workplace environment. The Annual Report from the Chief Medical Officer of the UK states that in 2013 almost

‘70 million working days were lost to mental illness.’


Teamwork and Innovation

New ideas sprout from bouts of inspiration and bringing a more creative office space to your workplace or getting away from the regular office environment from time to time can bring a marked improvement in stimulation and motivation. This ultimately means more ideas for your business, more discussion and more quality. Sparks will fly, and your team will feel closer if they are in a fresh, welcoming environment and feel a sense of freedom and responsibility.

Meetings teamwork

The Sense Of Adventure

Adding something new and fresh to your workplace or even your company schedule can keep things exciting for your employees. Your team will be inspired by offsite events or conferences, team building days or just a new theme in your office environment.

A design feature or work of art, a chill-out area with comfy or cool chairs, snacking areas or plants and green areas can make employees excited for work and wondering what is coming next. Keep it fresh, keep your innovation coming and you will likely find that your team repay it two-fold.

Creative Spaces at Leicester Conferences

To ensure your staff feel valued and are eager and inspired at work, creative work environments are perfect. If your company lacks the means to make significant changes to your own office space, try ours.

At Leicester Conferences, we offer an array of conference rooms, outdoor spaces and grazing stations. Our purpose built conference venues in Leicester bring creative office spaces for rent, all-inclusive team building days, conferences and corporate events packages.

With amazing food and state of the art facilities, we are the picture-perfect conference venue for a creative break with your team. Why not take a virtual tour of four venues and splendid facilities on our website or talk to one of our dedicated, award-winning team by email at or phone at 0116 223 1680.


For further information on what you have read in these blogs and on the statistics used, take a look at the following links. [1] [2]

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