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Six corporate event ideas to delight your delegates

Corporate events need not be staid gatherings which see delegates take in information delivered via PowerPoint. Indeed, a corporate event offers a fantastic opportunity to engage with, motivate, and share information with colleagues, clients and stakeholders. 

With a little innovative thinking it is easy to create a corporate event that delegates are excited to attend. And with the right corporate event venue, you can ensure your event is off to the very best start.

So, beyond a seminar or conference, what other types of corporate events could your business host to help boost delegate engagement?

  1. Award ceremonies
    Award ceremonies can vary in size and scale so can be adapted to suit most business events. Adding structure to an event, they are a great way to recognise and reward those heroes within a business who have demonstrated their commitment to success.
  2. Networking meetings
    Whether over breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks, networking meetings are perfect for bringing together key figures from within a particular industry. To ensure people want to attend, consider offering something extra such as a talk from a keynote speaker or entertainment.
     Networking meetings

  3. Golf days 
    The golf course continues to be a place where business is done. Capitalise on this by bringing selected delegates together for a golfing tournament. Conclude the day with a gala dinner for added networking opportunities.
     Gold tournament


  4. Black-tie events
    Black-tie events can take many forms but at their core should provide an opportunity for your guests to get dressed up and enjoy fine dining and great company. To encourage people to attend and to put in the effort that formal wear demands, look to add entertainment to your line-up of activity.
  5. Brand launches
    Boost your brand with a dedicated event that generates activity around your product/service. Activity could include a press day, interactive displays and demonstrations or a product launch.
     brand launch

  6. Team building days
    Behind any successful business is the team that runs it and forging strong team bonds is essential in creating a productive workplace. Depending on what team building skills your business wants to focus on, your team building day could include fun activities or more in-depth activity which focuses on individual personalities and how they contribute to team dynamics.
     Team Building


Whatever the type of event you are hosting it is important to get the right venue. To help you decide on the best corporate venue for your next event, consider the following factors in your decision making: 

  • Location
    Always aim to choose a corporate event venue that has great transport links. Close proximity to major roads and public transport will make attending your event easier for your invitees, helping to ensure more people are able to attend.
  • Versatility
    Versatility should be a key factor in deciding upon an event venue. The best venues are those which can be adapted to suit the size and type of event you are hosting. Depending on the type of event, it may also be worth opting for an event venue that has some outdoor space to accommodate your guests, (weather permitting).
  • In-house support
    Event hosting can be complicated with lots to organise and do. Lighten the burden by opting for a venue which can offer support on the day of the event with tasks such as delegate badges, registering attendees and organising event collateral. 
  • Technical capabilities
    No matter the type of corporate event, technology will no doubt play its part. Look for a venue which offers state-of-the-art audio-visual services as well as high-speed Wi-Fi to ensure things run smoothly.
  • Catering
    The food served is often an important aspect of your delegates experience. Try to link your food to the theme of your event and opt for a venue that can tailor their menu options to suit your requirements.
  • Accommodation
    Before deciding upon a conference venue, consider those delegates that may be travelling to your event. For some, an overnight stay may be required. To make life easier for them, aim to choose a venue which has overnight accommodation options.

Here at Leicester Conferences we have four outstanding conference venues that offer the flexibility, attention to detail and commitment to service that your conference deserves. To discuss your next event and to find out which of our venues will best suit your requirements, call 0116 223 1680.

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