Corporate Event Planning

Corporate Event Planning: The Ultimate Checklist


In this corporate event planning blog, we aim to set out the best, most important tasks to remember when organising a corporate event of the highest quality.

Stage 1: Establish Your Corporate Event Purpose and Identify Your Needs

Before anything else, you must establish clarity on your event purpose. Are you celebrating, launching a product, training people, staging a discussion, media event or team building exercise? Your event purpose affects the style and ambience of your evening and everything that comes next must loop back to it. When you know, you can set goals and objectives for your event.


You can budget per head, for each aspect of your event, e.g. food, entertainment, venue or you can have a more laissez-faire attitude and have an all inclusive event budget. Either way, if you delegate the event planning between teams, ensure each department is clear on the amount they can spend.

Time Management

Time should be a factor when you budget for your corporate events. How much time are you prepared to let your staff take in preparing for the event? Having a specialist event company take care of your corporate event planning ensures your staff spend less time researching contacts that event planners already have by their side. You have more control over how much you spend and an outside company is partially accountable for the success or failure of your event.

Corporate Event Venue Identification

As soon as you know your purpose you will more or less know your attendance and you can go about the process of finding an available venue with the facilities, services and style that you require. An accessible location is vital to a corporate event venue, especially for VIPs. A central city centre location, with good transport links can really boost attendance and make everything easy for your delegates. A venue that offers free and extensive parking and quality nearby accommodation can win you extra points with your attendees.

Does your venue support your requests and needs

Knowing that the venue you are planning on using is on your side and are willing to go out of their way to make your event great makes a huge difference to your event preparation. A ‘can do’, professional attitude, and industry knowledge within your corporate event management team can ease your fears and make for a seamless process. A positive discussion can uncover any hidden costs and limits.


Will the venue support your sponsorship and branding needs? You don’t want to turn up on the day and realise that the expensive brand banner cannot be used or the venue has imposed limits on whereabouts you can have your brand material.

Stage 2: Making Your Event Stand Out

What Is Your Corporate Entertainment Going To Be?

A band, a solo artist, keynote speaker or a humorous host to tie the corporate event together? Maybe you want more subtle entertainment such as a background DJ or a unique ‘walkaround’ act such as a magician or mime artist. Booking them early means you are more likely to get your first choice.

Source Sponsors

Bringing sponsors onboard can help with the budgeting of your event and ensure a high standard of occasion. This is ideal for charity events and product launches and adds an authority to your event. It is best to source sponsors as early as possible so that you can discuss the sort of influence that they want over your event, to check it matches with your own ideals and the stipulations of your venue.

Staffing And Task Management

Are all of your roles filled? What can the venue provide? You may need a photographer, PR team, VIP coordinators, a marketing and social media team, bar and waiting staff, a valet service. Think about what your delegates would expect and try to fulfill and exceed it.

Floor Plan and Decoration

Ensure your decoration reflects the ethos and integrity of your business and guests. Know whether to respect tradition or whether to break with it, your reputation could be on the line.

Stage 3: Marketing and Delegation

Ensure Everyone Knows Their Roles

Talk setlists or topics with your entertainment. Make sure they are willing to perform what you want them to and abide by your rules. Ensure everybody else charged with the organisation of the event is managed effectively.

Put Together Marketing Tools

Collate information on your corporate event, such as entertainment biographies and food menus so that your team can put together brochures, leaflets, flyers or e-invitations for your event. Any marketing material should give guests a taste of what the event offers; the exclusivity and quality or lively and entertaining night that they can expect.

Ticketing and Registration

To ensure you know your attendance figures enable an online registration facility or ticketing system. This will allow your finance team to keep on top of everything.

Iron Out Fine Details At The Conference Venue

Arrange for lighting and PA systems if your venue or entertainment do not supply them. Organise backstage and VIP areas, parking, security needs and signage. Talk permits, insurance and if you haven’t already- definitely decide on the catering, buffet or menu.

Stage 4 - Bringing a Buzz

Radio, television and PR pieces should be devised at this time as well as blogs and articles aimed at attracting your audience. Grow a presence for the event with a page on your website and social media platforms. An event promo video could bring added excitement to an event. Send out marketing material to the media and to guests.

Final Preparations

Seating plans and place cards should be finalized. While the finishing touches to event scripts and the event sequence should be made. Send the final registration numbers to accounts and your catering service.

Stage 6 - The Day(s) Before The Event

Receive equipment, organise set up and brief your teams.The earlier you do this the less micromanaging you will have to do. Finalize emergency routines and make all staff aware. Sort VIP arrangements down to the finest detail - car parking, airport or station pick up, valet service, cloak room, tables, champagne etc.

Stage 7 - Post Event

Thank your guests and get some feedback on what they thought. Debrief your team, thank them for their efforts. Celebrate a successful event. If you found this corporate event planning blog useful, check out our other conference related blogs or discover more about our venues and offerings on our website: or by speaking to one of our team via email on or by call us on 0116 223 1680.

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