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How to arrange team building activities outside your workplace

Effective teamworking should never be underestimated. Get it right and employees feel valued, information is shared, and morale is boosted. However, a business with ineffective teamworking can feel poorly managed, create barriers to communicating and lead to demotivated, unhappy employees. 

Clearly important, there are plenty of ways to develop good teamworking practices within your organisation including by encouraging peer to peer feedback, training courses and creating an ‘open-door’ culture. A key way many businesses look to boost teamworking within their company is through team building activities. 

What kind of team building activities are there? 

Loads! From white water rafting to orienteering to pottery painting and problem-solving, there is a wide choice of team building activities to choose from. 

When it comes to team building venues there are plenty of options and the venue you choose will depend on the type of team building activity you wish to undertake. For example, if you are looking at creating an adrenaline packed day that builds trust and communication skills, heading to an outdoor pursuits centre which offers climbing and other outdoor skills would be a great choice. 

If your team building day is more a blend of presentations, group work and team tasks, a conference centre is an ideal choice. 

Should team building activities be held onsite or offsite? 

While there are advantages to holding team building activities onsite, such as saving money on venue hire, there are a number of compelling reasons to take your teams offsite.

The key benefits to offsite team building activity include:

  • Greater focus on the task
  • Less interruption
  • Fewer distractions (i.e. emails, phone calls etc)
  • Encourages communication during break times
  • Perceived as a ‘reward’ by employees

Team building days held in the workplace, while successful, can lead to delegates unable, or unwilling, to break from their usual workplace persona, take them off site however and they may reveal a whole new side to themselves.

How do I arrange an offsite team building activity?

If you have been tasked with organising an offsite team building activity for your organisation there are a number of key things to define from the outset. Firstly, agree the budget. The budget will inform the scale and scope of the day and help to focus your planning. Next, think about the type of activities you want to see included and shortlist your potential venues based on this. If possible, visit your shortlisted venues to get a feel for their size and scope. Use the time visiting potential venues to find out as much as you can, useful questions to consider include: 

  • What is included in venue hire?
  • Is catering available?
  • Are meeting rooms versatile and adaptable?
  • Does the venue offer delegate management services?
  • Can outdoor spaces be used, weather permitting?
  • Is parking available?
  • Are AV facilities and Wi-Fi available?

Another key thing to look for when choosing a venue for team building activities is location. Attending unknown events such as a team building day can leave staff feeling unsure and anxious, which worries about how to find the venue and where to park can compound. 

Located in the heart of the East Midlands, at Leicester Conferences our choice of four venues are based either in, or close to, Leicester city centre, making them easily accessible and with great transport links. And with free parking at all our venues, that is another worry taken care of. 

To hire one of our venues for team building activities call 0116 223 1680.

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