What Makes a Good Conference Venue?

There are many considerations to be made when searching for the ideal conference space. Much like the events that can be held there, conference venues come in a vast amount of different shapes and sizes. But when finding the right location, there are various things that you need to take into account, including location, facilities and the services they are able to provide. With so many considerations to make, we have created a list of what makes the perfect conference venue.


An awareness of your budget is one of the most important considerations in booking a conference venue. The budget will be a primary consideration in deciding how to prioritise your venue search. Cost will also come into play later on in the venue search, when you may be able to enquire about any potential discounts or hidden costs. As such, being cost-aware will help point your venue search in the right direction.


Location & Accessibility

Taking steps to ensure the smooth-running of your conference is not only important during the actual event itself - an otherwise smooth conference experience can be marred by a number of factors before your guests even arrive. These issues often relate to the location and accessibility of the conference venue; any potential problems in this area can complicate or delay proceedings from the get-go. For this reason, it’s important to choose a venue which is both centrally located and well-connected to transport links. The venue’s accessibility may also be reliant on it being able to provide ample parking space and overnight accommodation.

Venue Size

Once you have picked the perfect location, the size of the venue will generally be your next concern. Although the required size may vary depending on the scale of the conference,  choosing a venue that offers enough space for your event is vital. As such, you may wish to make enquiries regarding the venue’s seating capacity, as well as factoring in some extra room for your guests to network and mix.


The technological facilities available to the venue will help to ensure the smooth-running of the conference on the day itself. These facilities generally include the availability of Wi-Fi and high-quality audio visual solutions, both of which are key for the effective delivery of presentations. Without them, your conference may have to deal with the much-dreaded technical difficulties.


Hospitality & On-site Services

Additional on-site services can help both you and your guests experience the conference in greater comfort. Examples of these services include high-quality catering and a number of different conference management services. The latter services can minimise the organisation required on the day itself, allowing you to focus on what matters. As such, the in-house services available to a venue can prove to be an important consideration in selecting your conference venue.

Our Conference Facilities

At Leicester Conferences, we are proud to provide award-winning conference facilities.

With our range of top academic venues dotted throughout prime locations in the city of Leicester, our conference spaces are not only easily accessible to budding guests, but the all round perfect package.

To ensure that your guests experience a smooth, hassle-free conference experience, we provide a wide range of high-quality services and facilities. As our guests, you are able to enjoy ample parking space, overnight accommodation, free Wi-Fi, award-winning catering services and state of the art AV equipment.

As a result, we are confident that we can provide the best conference venue and experience for your needs.  So contact our team today to learn more about our fantastic conference facilities.

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